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Dr. Lotte: Science with Soul

Oct 30, 2021

Witnessing the devastation of 9/11 before his eyes, Kushal’s thriving career as an analyst at Goldman Sachs was forever changed on September 11, 2001 as he made a split-moment decision to abandon his office and the co-workers who refused to leave the World Trade Center.

Managing to narrowly escape, he witnessed the magnitude of death and destruction up close and was plunged into lengthy depression where he found himself believing life was meaningless.

His search for a renewed purpose began with a reluctant trip to a breathwork workshop and eventually turned into a decades-long journey of spiritual discovery, mind-blowing metaphysical experiences, and a fierce devotion to the life-altering benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Today Kushal and his wife run Elements Truffles, a New York based artisanal chocolate company build on values of Ayurveda, sustainability, giving back and ethical trade. Kushal is a trainer of personal development, meditation, wellness, and leadership programs for the Art of Living Foundation. He has taught secrets of breathwork and meditation to thousands acreoss the US, Europe, and Asia, and he serves on the US board of the International Association for Human Values, (IAHV).

He just released his first book, On a Wing and a Prayer: Spirituality for the reluctant, the curious and the seeker.